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Mar 14

We have a fully Ugandan Staff!

With the February 2016 appointment of our new Field Director, Nakalinzi Maureen (in Uganda, the surname comes first), TRC is now fully-staffed — and with an all-Ugandan contingent.  There are 15 certified teachers, 3 nurses, a cook, 5 maintenance/farming staff, a security guard, 4 managers (all women!), a project coordinator, and a field director.  The majority of the staff is from Masaka District, where TRC is located, and most live on or near the Centre. The Community Farm feeds all the staff at lunch.  We also provide a lunch for all students at the primary and vocational schools, as well as 3 meals for the students who board at the Centre. Yes, our cook is at work by 5am and doesn’t finish until 9pm!  Javeera is a king among cooks!