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Jan 12

Introducing our Executive Director – Sonya Sangster

Sonya Sangster joins ICEF Canada in January 2017 as its first ever Executive Director. Sonya brings to ICEF almost 10 years of development experience, previously working closely with Ugandan communities in healthcare, education, gender, poverty reduction, economic development, socio-cultural empowerment, agriculture, and climate change adaptation. She brings a strong background in international development theory and practice, gender development theory, program monitoring and evaluation, and participatory research methods. She holds an Undergraduate Degree in Business, and a Masters of Gender, Development and Globalization from the London School of Economics and Political Science, where she was award Distinction. As a scholar, her thesis “Seeding the Future: How Gender Affects Perception, Climate Change Understanding and Adaptation of Farmers in Tekera, Uganda”, was awarded Distinction. This dissertation looks at how gender affects farmers perceptions, understanding, and adaption to climate change in rural Uganda. It has been praised for it’s feminist post colonial framework and it’s alternative focus on the decolonization of climate change information, understanding, and perception globally, through it’s deconstruction and analysis of current climate change and gender discourses and practices. For 6 years, Sonya was the Oxfam Vancouver campaign volunteer co-coordinator, where she chaired a number of campaigns including their Public Services campaign, Climate Change and Women’s Rights campaign, and Oxfam’s Grow campaign. She also participated as an elected member of the BC/Yukon Regional Steering committee for Oxfam Canada. In these roles she campaigned and organized around a number of topics including gender equality and equity, climate change and gender, fair trade, systems of global inequality, and human rights. She has also held positions on various Ugandan based NGO boards, where she acted in various positions, including president. Previous to this job, Sonya was a commercial airline pilot for a Canadian company that contracted for the United Nations. She held positions as Captain, Training Captain, and Line Check/Indoctrination Captain. Sonya was based overseas for a number of years flying humanitarian support for various UN missions.