Updates > Beach Grove spell-a-thon raises almost $7,000

Sep 13

Beach Grove spell-a-thon raises almost $7,000

Beach Grove Elementary’s Me to We group has raised nearly $7,000 through a spell-athon to benefit a lunch program for Ugandan students. “I’m just so impressed with the compassion, empathy and hard work of this year’s Grade 7 We group,” said teacher sponsor Joanne Calder. “They have been so dedicated all year, and their caring and compassion for others has left me speechless.” The group put together a presentation along with lists of nutrition-themed words for students to learn. Students then asked friends and family for pledges. The proceeds will help feed students at the Tekera Primary School, which is part of a project overseen by the International Community Empowerment Foundation, a locally initiated organization formed by two Tsawwassen sisters. “Some of the kids come to school without having had anything [to eat],” said ICEF’s Brenda Casey. The lunch program costs about $3,000 annually, she noted. Casey said she talks to students each year as part of a Schools For Schools initiative and said this particular group of kids had already read a range of books on children in developing nations. “Somehow the teachers have encouraged the kids to actually take a look outside Beach Grove and look at the global community to which they belong,” she said. Calder added she would like to thank the whole Beach Grove community for getting behind the kids and helping this cause. She said their focus this year, in social studies and language arts, has been on global issues and the United Nations’ global goals.