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We work with communities in Uganda to support their well being and sustainable growth. Our focus is on holistic development, knowing that the only way to truly support a community is through offering multiple interconnected programs. We stay with the community for as long as it takes for them to achieve self-sustainability. The community drives this progressive change as key stakeholders in all planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of our work. No decisions are made without the input of the community concerned.


Tekera Resource Centre

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Our efforts are currently focused on the Tekera Resource Centre. The TRC was founded in January 2006 near Tekera Village, Masaka District, in Southwestern Uganda.


of the Tekera Resource Centre staff are Ugandan.


and counting people in the surrounding area have benefited from the services provided.

Some of the services and infrastructure available at TRC are:

Health Care

Co-op Farming


Local Business


Our Values

ICEF Canada is entirely volunteer driven. Since 2008, our administration fees have amounted to less than 1% annually so that 99% of funds donated goes directly to the Tekera Resource Centre. We believe that big changes come when money is spent efficiently and on the projects that need it most. As a small but impactful organization, we pride ourselves on 100% transparency and direct impact.


Our Key Cornerstones


Tekera Primary School

is one of the top performing schools in the Masaka district.

Tekera Vocational School

allows students the opportunity to learn job-related skills so they are able to quickly contribute to the local community and their families.


Local Business

By providing transport for local farmers the average income has been more than trebled (3x) since ICEF involvement. There are demonstration farms to encourage new forms of revenue and cooperative farms for those who do not have land themselves. Furthermore, in 2017, TRC has launched a commercial piggery, introduced coffee and mushroom harvesting, partnered with New Sun Road to build a power center and business park.



A community is only as healthy as its citizens, which is why ICEF Canada and the Tekera Resource Centre put such value on public health. The Tekera Health Clinic Level II has been operational for 8 years, providing accessible services including immunization, midwifery, counseling, education, outreach, blood drives and testing, and more to Tekera Village and its surrounding communities of 8000 residents.

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